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How Much Should You Pay For An Internet Lead?

September 28, 2012 | Author: Randy Pickard The question of how much should a real estate broker or agent pay for Internet leads is a frequent topic of conversation. The answer is “it depends”. The quality of leads vary dramatically from lead generation firm to lead generation firm. In addition to the charge from the lead generation firm, there are the costs incurred and time involved in working the leads. For a low quality lead that is being resold to […]

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Courting Internet Leads

September 21, 2012 | Author: Randy Pickard The following article is a reprint of a post by BethAnn Long. We liked it so much that we judged it to be well worthy of being reposted. Published with permission: My business is split about 60/40 between: Category      A: People I know and their referrals (60%) these are warm sources and Category      B: Internet leads and online sources, and what I call cold sources (FSBO,      Open House)(40%) With Category […]

Reacting to the Integration of Yahoo Search Marketing into MSN Adcenter

September 14, 2012 | Author: Randy Pickard It required a couple of years to pass for me to get over my anger at Yahoo for totally scrambling up a 40,000 keyword account during the Panama update. But over the past year or so, Yahoo has gradually become my preferred source for PPC advertising. Now I am sorry to learn that Yahoo Search Marketing is going to be swallowed up by MSN Adcenter. Yahoo has become my preferred PPC advertising vehicle for […]

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Court Internet Leads Differently From Traditional Leads

Internet leads are different. They tend to be self directed, better informed, and don’t need to be chauffeured to as many viewings. On the other hand, they can be challenging to close because often they are simply in the information gathering process and months away from conducting a transaction. Also, despite the fact that they will take longer to close, they demand greater responsiveness. Failure to respond to a fresh Internet lead within 15 minutes diminishes the likelihood of closing […]

Is “5 Minutes to Respond” to a Real Estate Lead an Urban Legend?

There has been some buzz lately suggesting that online real estate leads must be responded to within 5 minutes. However, research that I conducted on thousands of online real estate leads suggested that the time frame is a bit longer than just 5 minutes, if not all that much longer. While it certainly is not a bad thing to respond to an online lead within five minutes, the results that I reviewed indicated that the value of the lead did […]

Search Engine Duopoly: Google and Bing Reign Supreme in US

Anyone that has even the slightest involvement with real estate lead generation has some interaction with search engines. The search engine landscape in the US has changed dramatically with Yahoo search indexing now being powered by MSN. Yahoo’s pay per click program is also in the process of transitioning to being powered by MSN. While a case can be made that Ask is a third player, their share 2.14% of US searches (as reported by Hitwise) makes them so minor […]

Do You Need to Add QR Codes to Real Estate Marketing Materials?

There has been a lot of buzz lately in the real estate community about adding QR codes to marketing materials. QR codes (short for quick response) are two-dimensional images that can be read by smart phones, using technology that is similar to that of store checkout bar code scanners. When a prospect with a camera equipped smartphone loaded with a QR reader points and clicks at the code, they are served up a mobile site with your listing and contact […]

How Broker Dynamix Defines a Real Estate Lead

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?:  Broker Dynamix Defining a Real Estate “Lead.” In business, a “lead” means many different things: the next source of information, the perfect sales tip, the next business prospect or transaction. What about real estate? Where does the term lead fit into the ever changing world of buyer’s markets, seller’s markets, foreclosures etc.? A Lead is a Potential Business Prospect, Typically A Person Definition 1 takes the idea of a lead from the traditional business approach. As […]

Are You A Brand?

In the age of the Internet, I think we all get caught up by terms as new forms emerge. Ten years ago, “change agent” wasn’t an actual job description and “brands” appeared to apply to things like Pepsi Cola (or Coke depending on which one your prefer). What fascinates me about the real estate market and the real estate industry in general is the concept of people becoming a brand. In one sense, your brokerage counts as a brand, but […]

Lead Generation Controversy

Lead generation is definitely a touchy topic in the world of real estate and believe it or not I understand. The funny thing is, I work for a lead generation company, which is not a secret if you look at my profile. After reading numerous blogs and headlines regarding real estate professionals who have been burnt by lead generation, all I can say is, I’m sorry that happened to you. When you pay for a service, you are expecting someone […]