Are You A Brand?

In the age of the Internet, I think we all get caught up by terms as new forms emerge. Ten years ago, “change agent” wasn’t an actual job description and “brands” appeared to apply to things like Pepsi Cola (or Coke depending on which one your prefer). What fascinates me about the real estate market and the real estate industry in general is the concept of people becoming a brand. In one sense, your brokerage counts as a brand, but what about agents? You go from the main brokerage website into smaller individual websites with information about the agent who may or may not also have links to personal promotion mediums such as Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, blog posts (hence Active Rain). Does this marketing classify you as a brand?  As an individual who grew up in a smaller town, I can remember vividly seeing so many signs of one particular agent around the neighborhood. We also had a local hot air balloon port so every time I see a REMAX sign, I’m reminded of a certain young family member who wandered off just to chase the balloon.  The point of these memories is that a brand surely sticks in our consciousness. We can all recite jingles, talk about Super Bowl commercials, and mention other goods as well as services. But what I would like is to what extent do you as a real estate professional look at yourself as a brand? And what do you do to differentiate yourself if you do see yourself as a brand?

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