Court Internet Leads Differently From Traditional Leads

Internet leads are different. They tend to be self directed, better informed, and don’t need to be chauffeured to as many viewings. On the other hand, they can be challenging to close because often they are simply in the information gathering process and months away from conducting a transaction. Also, despite the fact that they will take longer to close, they demand greater responsiveness. Failure to respond to a fresh Internet lead within 15 minutes diminishes the likelihood of closing the lead. Further, you are typically likely to have much more perceived credibility with a traditional lead. With an Internet lead, you are usually starting from scratch in terms of gaining their trust and even getting them to take your phone calls.

An informative article on courting Internet leads, “Meeting Consumers Earlier in the Process Means You Need to Adjust Your Approach” by Jim Zirbes was recently published by Arizona Realtor Magazine. The article includes a sample phone conversation script using a traditional lead approach and an Internet lead appropriate approach.

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