Why A Lead Tracking System is Important

What is Stopping you from Coverting your Internet Leads?

The million dollar question is about to be answered.  By whom, you might ask?  By you, I might answer.  Let me start with asking you some questions and depending on your responses, you may have just found the perfect answer.

I often hear real estate professionals complaining that their internet leads are not converting.  I often ask the question, “What system are you using to track and manage your leads?”  Eight out of ten times I get one of the following:

1.   “When a lead comes in via e-mail, our customer service representative responds with an e-mail, acknowledging the request for more information and then ask them that if they would like an Agent to contact them, please give us a call or shoot us an e-mail.”

2.  “When an Internet Lead comes in via e-mail, unless they specify a specific property of interest, I simply respond with a “Thank you” and let us know how we can help.

3.  “When an Internet Lead comes through via e-mail requesting specific information, I assign the lead to an Agent and leave it up to them to take it to closing.”  The Agent may or may not report and maintain the tracking of this lead – but they don’t get a percentage if they don’t close.

4.  “We don’t follow up with any leads.  I figure if they have a property in mind, they will call.  We generally don’t know where the leads come from if they are phoned in, but we assume they found us in the yellow pages or just know our brand and use an Internet Search.”.  “We use an internal tracking honor system in hopes that the lead will be tracked in our system, our lead generator’s system until closing.”

Do any of these responses sound familiar to you?  Having a lead tracking system in place is the most essential step in converting your Internet Leads.

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