Reacting to the Integration of Yahoo Search Marketing into MSN Adcenter

September 14, 2012 | Author: Randy Pickard

It required a couple of years to pass for me to get over my anger at Yahoo for totally scrambling up a 40,000 keyword account during the Panama update. But over the past year or so, Yahoo has gradually become my preferred source for PPC advertising. Now I am sorry to learn that Yahoo Search Marketing is going to be swallowed up by MSN Adcenter. Yahoo has become my preferred PPC advertising vehicle for three reasons:

1) Although it only delivers a fraction of the traffic of Google PPC, for many categories the cost per click is significantly lower and the ROI is higher;
2) The 40 character title limit allows for better copywriting opportunities than the restrictive 25 character limits of Google and Bing;
3) Yahoo tends to serve ads based on longer tail keyword terms than Google and Bing.

The consolidation won’t occur until late in the 2010 at the earliest, so I guess I can continue to appreciate the unique features of Yahoo Search Marketing for a few more months. Call Broker Dynamix at 1-847-680-8811 or visit our Real Estate PPC and Search Engine Marketing webpage if you would like to learn more about taking advantage of the unique features of Yahoo Search Marketing during the next few months prior to the consolidation with MSN (Bing)


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