Courting Internet Leads

September 21, 2012 | Author: Randy Pickard

The following article is a reprint of a post by BethAnn Long. We liked it so much that we judged it to be well worthy of being reposted. Published with permission:

My business is split about 60/40 between:

  • Category      A: People I know and their referrals (60%) these are warm sources and
  • Category      B: Internet leads and online sources, and what I call cold sources (FSBO,      Open House)(40%)

With Category A, I have one way of doing business and keeping in touch.
• Mailings
• Phone calls
• Lunches
• Socializing
I have found after dozens of closings from online buyers that ” Courting” Internet leads is an art- not a science. It takes some intuition to capture their attention and stand out above the other Realtors you know darn well they are in touch with at some level. Here are some things that I find works in my courtships that have led to engagement and ultimately to “consummate” the relationship with a transaction!:
• Assume they are cheating on you
• Think of these leads as a BLIND DATE, sometimes it works, other times…NOT!
• They are asking for an ” open” relationship- you need a commitment
• Be patient, but not stupid
• Don’t assume they are bad leads too soon
• Offer something of value, such as a relocation packet or to send them listings via e-mail
• Don’t be pushy, but know your boundaries
• Know when to move on
• Politely ask for a complimentary telephone consult and ask them about THEM before giving them the agency speech
• Try to find a common denominator such as sports, kids…
• If a phone number is given, do call right away. Be engaging, thank them for visiting your site and get them on some kind of follow up routine. Hand written notes are a favorite
• ASK ASK ASK for contact info
• Get them on an automated drip e-mail
• You win a few- you lose a few
• All is not fair in love and Internet leads or listing regimen so they keep seeing YOUR NAME!
• They have a fear of commitment for good reason usually
• I DO NOT show homes to anyone unless they work with me exclusively, but it takes TIME and persistence to develop Internet leads
• They may be looking as far out as 18 months before buying. Have a long term plan to stay in touch.
• Be professional at all times
• Internet leads are people too!
• Don’t rely solely on Internet leads- get out among the people and shake a lot of hands!
• Never, ever jeopardize your safety
• Patience, Persistence, Professionalism are required
• Like courting is real life, it requires a lot of “hand holding” before you get to first base!
I have made several wonderful transactions from Internet leads. And yes- I have had a few go south on me. I am learning as I go to treat each one as potentially valid until I learn otherwise. I am careful with my time on these, and so far- so good!

BethAnn Long
Spokane Realtor, Tomlinson South Inc.


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