Monthly Archives: September 2012

Why A Lead Tracking System is Important

What is Stopping you from Coverting your Internet Leads? The million dollar question is about to be answered.  By whom, you might ask?  By you, I might answer.  Let me start with asking you some questions and depending on your responses, you may have just found the perfect answer. I often hear real estate professionals complaining that their internet leads are not converting.  I often ask the question, “What system are you using to track and manage your leads?”  Eight […]

To Brokers: How Our Lead System Works

So we talk a lot about search engine optimization strategies and different tools needed in cyberspace here at the Broker Dynamix blog. Today, let’s talk about how Broker Dynamix works. 1. We create a customized browse site. What is a browse site? It is a website that supplements your existing website. We don’t direct traffic away from your current website. Instead we increase your internet footprint by customizing your site with MLS/IDX search. This increases your outreach to visitors on […]