Top 10 Reasons to Embrace Home Improvements when Buying a Home

By Veronica Etherton

For many people home improvements can be a daunting task which can become costly, especially when moving into a new home, but there can be huge benefits to creating the home that fits your needs.

My sister and her husband are military and know very well what it is like to relocate, and often. Yet she can always see the potential in a home regardless of its present state. With 3 daughters, 4 dogs and careers with enormous responsibility it would be easy for them to say ‘no projects please, we have enough on our plate’. I admire their vision and pro action to transform these mediocre homes into stunning, warm and inviting living spaces tailored to their large family. Now I’m not going to say that they are “home flippers” by any means but they aren’t turned off by improvements because they understand the benefits. Be open to possibilities! When purchasing a home you can attempt to negotiate pricing to balance out the costs of these improvements while gaining more interest in the process.

My sister and her family are currently in the process of relocating. She found a beautiful 3,700 sq ft home with two acres of land online, just perfect for her crew. She called and spoke with the agent and they practically talked her out of it saying that it “needed too much work”. Luckily she viewed the property with her own two eyes and saw that not much need to be done; just a bathroom and the basement. I understand not all buyers will be as ambitious as my sister but the point is to be open to home improvements since they have the potential for huge benefits.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Embrace Home Improvements when Buying a Home;

10. It has your personal touch.

9. Gain a sense of accomplishment when the project is finished.

8. Unleash your creativity.

7. You can attempt to negotiate the pricing of the home to balance out costs of
certain projects.

6. Home Improvements build equity into your home immediately.

5. Home improvements add to the tax basis.

4. If you are self employed or work from home you can deduct the cost of any
improvements in that portion of the home when filing taxes.

3. Energy saving home improvements can count towards tax credits, not to
mention you’re saving the planet and money in your wallet long term.

2. There are many useful tools to make the process easier; such as the Porch App that
connects homeowners with home improvement professionals. Buyers can also
track the remodeling histories of the homes they are viewing. and have partnered to help consumers estimate the full cost of home

1. The most important reason of all: your health! Sealing your home, updating your HVAC, and lead removal are just a few ways home improvements can better your health.

I understand not everyone will be up for the challenge but you would be surprised at how many actually are and who. Be creative, do your homework on these improvements and try to see the potential in any living space. Be open and think outside the box, literally, to create a new and improved living space. Calculate the benefits as a result of these projects in a monetary and physical sense. It just might make all the difference in having the home of your dreams.

Veronica Etherton is the Business Development Coordinator with Internet Engine in Libertyville, Illinois.