Online Lead Generation… does it really work?

OK, I’ll be honest, since we are a lead generating company of course I want to say “Yes! Yes it does work!” But not just because it’s our place of business, but because I have truly seen that it can work. The key is how to work with these types of leads. After researching different lead services and agents’ responses to using these services most comments were not that positive. I did see though how those who actually utilized this area the right way are seeing incredible results. I view and log on a daily basis online leads and I can tell which agents are going the extra mile and having remarkable results with these types of leads. Here are a few of the methods brokerages are using that are getting great results with online lead generation services…

Online Presence

Online leads need to be nurtured in a different manner than those that are a referral. For one thing, you have to pay strong attention to your online presence. If potential clients are finding you on the internet and wanting you to help them make the biggest financial decision of their lives, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be interrogating your website like a father does to his daughter’s prom date. You will want it to be professional and filled with as many testimonials as possible, up to date content, marketing must be fresh and current. This is the baseline for creating a relationship with potentials, you want them to get the best feeling possible when reviewing your site. Leave them thinking, “Now THIS is who I want to help me on my real estate journey!” I know for many this is a no brainer, but I review a plethora of real estate websites regularly and you would be surprised at how many agents and brokerages just don’t do too much with their site. It leaves me yelling “Nooooooo” in my head at the screen. Also, blogging as much as possible will help to increase the traffic on your sites. It may take a bit of time to grow but if it were easy to jump to the top of Google everyone would be there. It takes time and effort but inevitably worth it.

Fast Response Rates…very fast.

I understand that real estate agents are incredibly busy especially during peak selling/buying seasons (i.e. the spring/summer time before school starts) but with online leads and/or call leads (services can offer online leads to come through as phone calls in addition to email) they need to be responded to with lightning speed or else they will completely forget about you with in about five minutes. No joke. They will quickly move right along. We live in a world where everybody wants what they want RIGHT NOW. And they’ll find someone to give them that immediate attention and care if you don’t, it’s really that simple. If you don’t get back to someone for hours and hours or even days they will think, “How will this brokerage keep in touch while we are in the process?” If you can afford it, have a receptionist who can quickly answer leads’ general questions or at least say “I can put in touch with someone who can help you, can I have them call you back?” Although they aren’t talking to an agent immediately, this is MUCH better than having them be dumped into a voice mailbox. People often times don’t even leave a message because they will just move on to another brokerage.

Be Attentive, even in the early stages

It is true that a good portion of leads that come through these types of services will be in the early stages of looking but don’t let it deter you from wanting to work with them. The point is to make such an impression that when you add leads to a drip campaign they go straight to you when they’re ready because you made such a great impression during the first interaction. The real estate business is about being personable and transparent, and that means with everyone who is inquiring about your services, not just your current clients. Word of mouth is the most powerful tool you can use, you want what others have to say about you to be of the highest regard when it comes to your business.

Have a tracking system for these types of leads.

I regularly send lead reports to our clients and this is a tool that can help them keep them not only in order but as a springboard for logging them for the long hall. (Drip campaign, active, closing, escrow, etc.) This enables you to not only be much more organized but also helps to save time over all so you can spend more time being productive.

The “inter webs” are where people are starting their home search, are you prepared to greet them at the door?

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By Veronica Etherton; Business Development Coordinator for Internet Engine, LLC.