How Broker Dynamix Defines a Real Estate Lead

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?:  Broker Dynamix Defining a Real Estate “Lead.” In business, a “lead” means many different things: the next source of information, the perfect sales tip, the next business prospect or transaction. What about real estate? Where does the term lead fit into the ever changing world of buyer’s markets, seller’s markets, foreclosures etc.? A Lead is a Potential Business Prospect, Typically A Person Definition 1 takes the idea of a lead from the traditional business approach. As […]

Are You A Brand?

In the age of the Internet, I think we all get caught up by terms as new forms emerge. Ten years ago, “change agent” wasn’t an actual job description and “brands” appeared to apply to things like Pepsi Cola (or Coke depending on which one your prefer). What fascinates me about the real estate market and the real estate industry in general is the concept of people becoming a brand. In one sense, your brokerage counts as a brand, but […]

Lead Generation Controversy

Lead generation is definitely a touchy topic in the world of real estate and believe it or not I understand. The funny thing is, I work for a lead generation company, which is not a secret if you look at my profile. After reading numerous blogs and headlines regarding real estate professionals who have been burnt by lead generation, all I can say is, I’m sorry that happened to you. When you pay for a service, you are expecting someone […]

Why A Lead Tracking System is Important

What is Stopping you from Coverting your Internet Leads? The million dollar question is about to be answered.  By whom, you might ask?  By you, I might answer.  Let me start with asking you some questions and depending on your responses, you may have just found the perfect answer. I often hear real estate professionals complaining that their internet leads are not converting.  I often ask the question, “What system are you using to track and manage your leads?”  Eight […]

To Brokers: How Our Lead System Works

So we talk a lot about search engine optimization strategies and different tools needed in cyberspace here at the Broker Dynamix blog. Today, let’s talk about how Broker Dynamix works. 1. We create a customized browse site. What is a browse site? It is a website that supplements your existing website. We don’t direct traffic away from your current website. Instead we increase your internet footprint by customizing your site with MLS/IDX search. This increases your outreach to visitors on […]